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NYC trip

Today has been just plain awesome. Woke up earlier than usual (beating my alarm) to get on the train to NYC. Upon arrival in GCT, Heather and I were surprised to see a blimp light (no clue if that's what it's actually called, but hell if I care). Upon some further investigation, we found out that they were shooting for a movie in the main concourse. We found out it was Step Up 3, which might just be in 3D, since they had a 3D focus board. It was pretty cool to be able to see the behind-the-scenes stuff first-hand.
After our curiosity waned, we headed out to the Nintendo World Store, which never fails to make me happy. They had a little screen where people could talk to Mario. That was pretty cool, but Heather didn't appreciate it much when I told her that I figured out how it worked. Oh well. Live and learn.
Next stop on the adventure was the NBC store. Thankfully, all the Eureka merch was still marked with the SciFi logo instead of SyFy. Heather got me the GD (Global Dynamics) shirt I had been eyeing for the past couple of years. Thank you, honey!
We then wandered into the Metropolitan Museum of Art store and saw some really cool statues and stuff that was a bit too expensive for is to take home. D:
From there we went across the street to Saint Patrick's Cathedral. Upon entering, Heather was wowed by the beautiful arches and columnades. It took us a second to realize that we had just walked in as a young couple was saying their vows. That was actually pretty cool to see. And a little romantic.
Next stop was the Disney store. Of course it was pretty cool. I got Heather a giant Stitch plush and a little Stitch figure with him dressed as Yoda.
From there we wandered up to the Apple store and entered the cavern of sweaty Mac-addicts. It is pretty cool in there but it's just too freaking crowded to function as a store.
After the Apple store (and a very brief jaunt into FAO Schwartz), we headed up into Central Park. We wandered through where the artists hang out and then through the zoo area. Further in, we started to hear some hip hop music being performed live, so we decided to investigate. Turns out there was a Q-Tip concert going on. That was pretty cool to hear because it wasn't the modern gangsta rap, but more old school hip hop. Venturing further into the park, we got up to the fountain by the lake that was used in Enchanted. Sweet!
Then, we found the one place that would have killed me if I moved away without visiting: Strawberry Fields. We visited the shrine to John Lennon and paid our respects to him.
Then, it was time to head back downtown. We made a quick stop at the CBS store, to find that there wasn't any The Big Bang Theory stuff. Lame. So, we left.
And, went to Ellen's Stardust Diner for dinner. It was just plain awesome. I'd never even noticed it sitting across the street from Mars 2112, and now I'm kinda pissed I never knew about it. Where else can you go and have good food served by Broadway hopefuls singing and performing music from stage shows and classic albums? Hell, they even sang some Queen (sorry, dino_rider, but it wasn't Can't Stop Us, or whatever that song is called).
After eating we went to the M&M World store and wandered for a while in there.
Then, I stopped to say hello to someone I can never go to NYC without seeing: the Toys R Us Tyrannosaurus rex. Over in the special area they had a huge Optimus Prime standing there, so I took a picture of Heather with him.
That was the end of the day, so we headed back to GCT to catch a train home. And they were still filming the movie there. We grabbed a couple of drinks at Hudson News and jumped on the train. And that's where I'm sitting writing this.
Today was just an awesome day. I got to spend it with the woman I'm madly in love with and that's really all I needed. I have a feeling that I'm going to be on Cloud Nine for a while now so I'm going to shut up.

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Jul. 19th, 2009 04:01 pm (UTC)
Lucky! I wanna go to the Nintendo store. TT_TT
Aug. 25th, 2009 06:22 pm (UTC)
Wow, how long has it been? I just recently discovered I had a livejournal and went through my old entries. There are a lot of memories packed in there, and it's surprising to see how much I have and haven't changed.
CTCon04? lol
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