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"Good things come to those who wait." I've lost track of how many times I've heard that saying. Hell, I even used to believe it. But, frankly, it's bullshit. Nothing good comes from waiting; if you want good things to happen, you've got to get out there and make them happen. Enough sitting on your ass waiting for that better life you always wanted. If you're not out there working to achieve that life, you don't really want it. I know you're thinking that it's not that easy, but I never said it would be. Acting on your desires is fucking hard, but if you don't you'll regret your inaction. You've got to take chances, too. Risk equals reward. The bigger the potential reward, the riskier it will be to achieve it. Take the risk and you might get burned, but there's also a chance that you'll make out pretty damn well. If people tell you that you can do better and that you're settling, that's because you can and you are. Stop settling, stop waiting, and most importantly stop bitching about how nothing good ever happens to you. You control your own destiny, so get out there and do something about it.